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Before you start your search, it's important you know how to evaluate the usefulness of a website. Here are some points to consider when deciding to use a certain site as a your source:
  1. Authorship
  2. Publishing body
  3. Point of view or bias
  4. Referral to other sources
  5. Verifiability
  6. Currency

~From Johns Hopkins University (Elizabeth E. Kirk)

As an example, just check out these websites:


The Guidelines:

Exemplar Webquests:

Carrots = Bionic vision? (Student from 2009-2010)Snap, Crackle, Pop! (Students from 2010-2011)Ten Percent Brain Power (Students from 2012-2013)Little Light = Damaged Eyesight (Students from 2012-2013)Are Childhood Vaccinations to Blame for Rising Autism Rates? (Students from 2014-15)Does Warm Milk Really Make You Sleepy? (Students from 2015-2016)
Can Cracking Your Knuckles Cause Arthritis? (Students from 2016-2017)

Honors A&P 2017-2018
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