"I Am Joe's..." Assignment

The Reader's Digest published a series of articles years ago that were titled, "I Am Joe's..." followed by a part of the body. Occasionally, it was appropriate to title the articles, "I Am Jane's..." because there are just some parts that aren't going to show up in a guy named Joe. The articles were typically written following exhaustive research and interviews with doctors who specialized in the particular body part in question. They were written to give information without scaring the reading public. These articles were always written from the perspective of Joe or Jane's body part. They would begin something like this:

"I’m certainly no beauty. I weigh 12 ounces, am red-brown in color, and have an unimpressive shape. I am the dedicated slave of —well, let’s call him Joe. Joe is 45, ruggedly good-looking, has a pretty wife, three children and an excellent job. Joe has made it.

Me? I’m Joe’s heart."

Click here to read the full article: http://www2.ufrsd.net/staffwww/stefanl/Webquest/joe/heart.htm

As you can see, the entire article would continue along in this style, written in the first person voice. Joe's pancreas or salivary glands, duodenum or corpus callosum would divulge all manner of secrets about its existence as an integral part of Joe (or Jane's) anatomy. We're updating the series for the 21st century.

As a student of human anatomy, you are to compose an essay written in the first person narrative style of these articles. For the details of what you should probably include in your essay, see the attached sheets.

Assignment taken from: http://www2.ufrsd.net/staffwww/stefanl/Webquest/joe/index.htm